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Movember 2017

Once again this year I am raising money for Movember. Please donate!

Three ways to boost the digital marketing strategy for your Ottawa restaurant

A digital marketing strategy for your Ottawa restaurant is probably the furthest thing from your mind. You’re searching for that killer new dinner special. You’re recruiting a new staff member to replace the waiter who quit on short notice. You’re ordering the right amount of ingredients for the Friday night dinner rush. I get it: You’re busy. But don’t let … Read More

How to pass the Google Analytics exam (on your first try!)

Admission: The first time I tried the Google Analytics exam, I failed. Another admission: The second time I tried the Google Analytics exam, I also failed. Today, though? Today I am finally Google Analytics certified! Here. I have proof. So what changed? How did I go from also-ran to Analytics champion? Here are my tips for how to pass the … Read More

How to build a landing page that pops

This post shows you how to design a great landing page, even if you didn’t go to school for design You’ve designed a great marketing campaign. You have inventive creatives and a compelling call to action, reeling in a huge number of clicks on your Facebook ads. The problem? Customers aren’t converting after they click. That’s where a well-designed landing … Read More

Boost the number of leads to your website with a long tail Google AdWords strategy

How a long tail AdWords strategy can help you deliver better content to more people Google AdWords is a really powerful tool for driving web traffic to your business. The problem? Bidding on high-traffic keywords can get expensive in a hurry. But don’t let the high cost of high-traffic keywords discourage you. Reduce your costs and deliver better content to … Read More

Boost your mobile marketing efforts with an app store optimization strategy

Is your high-priced mobile application floundering in app store obscurity? Boost the number of installs for your fancy new (or old) mobile application by focusing on your app store optimization (ASO). What is app store optimization? You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, the process of “optimizing” content on your website so it shows up in Google search results. App … Read More

June 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile: Meet Export Development Canada

Building a winning corporate culture doesn’t just happen. It takes a defined strategy and a company-wide commitment. A corporate membership in IABC Ottawa is just one way EDC delivers value to its employees. Read more in our June 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile.

May 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile: Meet Tanya O’Callaghan

Tanya O’Callaghan never used to think about gender in the workplace. But those days are in the past. Find out about the challenges women in the communications community face in trying to rise in their careers in our May 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Tanya O’Callaghan.

April 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile: Meet Kelly Rusk

How do you become a “leader” early on in your career? Find out how Kelly Rusk’s decision to join IABC Ottawa helped propel her into her current position as a digital director with an influential creative agency in Ottawa in our April 2017 IABC Ottawa member profile.

Building a narrative and the power of personas

In March of this year I attended an IABC Ottawa event on building a content strategy. It was a great evening, featuring a panel and discussion with four very experienced content strategists. But one part continued to perplex me: The concept of using personas, a fictional representation of a real customer or audience member, to better tailor your medium and … Read More