Annual Major’s Hill Park closing shows feds’ indifference to Ottawa residents


Note: The park is scheduled to re-open tomorrow, but the impact of the annual closure remains. Besides, you can bet on it being closed again next year despacito herunterladen.

Major’s Hill Park is an Ottawa gem. It offers lush grass. Great views of Parliament Hill. Lots of places to eat lunch while you look over the Ottawa River windows media player downloaden 12.

And for several weeks every summer it is closed, off-limits at a time when we are supposed to be basking in the sun after another long, cold winter ios 13.4. Why? I can think of but one explanation: to serve as an annual reminder of the depth of the contempt the government of Canada holds for local residents and visitors schreibprogramm kostenlosen deutsch.

The sign attached to the metal gates that have again closed the park offers few clues as to why we are barred entry. All it says, in a variation of what it says every year for as long as I can remember, is that it is closed between June 19 and July 5 in preparation for Canada Day file from github. It offers no direction as to where you can find the universe that would require a two-and-a-half week closure for a half-day concert festival.

A careful viewing of the Parks Canada website offers few clues download youtube for pc. The National Capital Commission page is similarly bereft. Don’t expect any help from Googling “Major’s Hill Park” either.

I can’t imagine what tourists think warum kann ich zoom nicht herunterladen. Well, actually, I can. Last year I was sitting outside the front gate on my lunch break when members of the Chinese women’s soccer team in town for the Women’s World Cup furrowed their brows in a vain attempt to understand why they couldn’t enter a public park in peak summer weather tiptoi download the world of music.

A few days later I managed to squeeze my bike through the barriers on my way home one day. There didn’t appear to be much going on. In fact, the only person I saw working was someone chasing after me telling me I wasn’t supposed to be in there Farming simulator 15 free download full version.

Looking for an example of the indifference that the federal government and its various agencies, departments and corporations hold towards Ottawa residents sims 4 animals for free? This would rank pretty high on the list.

But, then again, it is a long list.

It is the same reason why the bike path along the Ottawa River Parkway was closed for a significant portion of last year’s unseasonably warm fall. It is the same reason why the city had to fight tooth and nail to use a portion of, as Mayor Jim Watson referred to it, “scrubland” for western light rail.

Could the government do this differently? Maybe, say, close Major’s Hill Park at a time when the weather isn’t at it’s nicest or acknowledge the people who use the Ottawa River Pathway by keeping even a portion of it open?

Yes, of course. But to do so would require the lumbering apparatus of the federal government to adopt a level of concern for local issues that will simply never exist.

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to spending on beautification, Ottawa residents have it pretty good. Every year taxpayers from Nanaimo to Cornerbrook chip in for a publicly-funded two-week winter festival in the Capital. We also benefit from federal spending on museums, galleries, arts centres and general Rideau Canal upkeep.

But with this money comes a series of bureaucratic hurdles unparalleled in any other Canadian municipality. I could be wrong, but I get the sense that if most other cities were faced with closing one of their most popular downtown parks for more than two weeks during prime tourism season, they would find a way to keep it open.

Instead, it seems, the federal government is intent on making Ottawa residents’ already brief summer even shorter.

Mark Brownlee is an Ottawa writer and editor.

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