Boost the number of leads to your website with a long tail Google AdWords strategy


How a long tail AdWords strategy can help you deliver better content to more people

Google AdWords is a really powerful tool for driving web traffic to your business deck sheet to.

The problem? Bidding on high-traffic keywords can get expensive in a hurry.

But don’t let the high cost of high-traffic keywords discourage you rc flugsimulator kostenlos downloaden. Reduce your costs and deliver better content to your audiences with a long tail AdWords strategy word again.

What’s a long tail anyways?

You’ve possibly heard of “long tail” search engine optimization – the process of boosting your ranking in regular Google searches by targeting keywords that are a little bit off the beaten path herunterladen.



Sure, it would be great to get a piece of content that shows up when people search for “Paul McCartney” windows 10 hintergrundbilder herunterladen. But the chances of getting something that ranks for that keyword – because competition for it is so fierce – is really low.

This is where the long tail comes in herunterladen.

The power of the long tail in search engine marketing

Instead of trying to rank for something as broad and popular as Paul McCartney, write a piece of content that optimizes for a more specific keyword basic font for word. Try “Paul McCartney conspiracy theoriesgenogram maken free. (Aside: If you actually search for this on Google you will find some really, really weird stuff) herunterladen.

Your total potential traffic might be lower, but your results will probably be better download bluestacks 4.

But optimizing content for long tail search engine optimization is only squeezing part of the value out of your content. You can also get long tail pages that earn a high Ad Rank in Google AdWords.

The benefits of a long tail AdWords strategy

Still not convinced? Here are the benefits of bidding on long tail AdWords keywords:

  1. It costs less: There aren’t a lot of people bidding on long tail search phrases like the promise doctrine. The fewer the bids, the cheaper it is.
  2. It’s easy to rank higher: Want to be the first ad when someone searches for an in-demand keyword such as Canada 150? Good luck. You’ll not only need a killer piece of content to get a high Ad Rank score, you’ll also need a pretty substantial marketing budget to beat out competitors. Find a more specific keyword and you’ll be off to the races.
  3. Get more conversions: The more specific you can be with your content, the more beneficial it is going to be to your potential customers. Give people exactly what they need when they are looking for it.

Mark Brownlee is a Digital Marketing Strategist in Ottawa and a candidate for the Digital Marketing Certificate at the Telfer School of Management.

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