Boost your mobile marketing efforts with an app store optimization strategy


Is your high-priced mobile application floundering in app store obscurity internet virenschutz kostenlos downloaden?

Boost the number of installs for your fancy new (or old) mobile application by focusing on your app store optimization (ASO) herunterladen.

What is app store optimization?

You’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, the process of “optimizing” content on your website so it shows up in Google search results Youtube video heise.

App store optimization is similar, says Jonathan Simon, Director of Marketing for Magmic, a mobile publisher and developer in Ottawa, and instructor for the Digital Marketing Certificate at the Telfer School of Management (where I learned this!) steam windows 10.

But instead of optimizing terms to try to rank higher with Google, you’re trying to boost your visibility in the App Store streamcloud kostenlos downloaden.

Why app store optimization?

App store optimization is critical for mobile marketers for a couple of reasons download sat 1 app for free.

First, app stores are where most people go when they’re looking to download an app. Second, it doesn’t cost anything (extra) to optimize keywords so you’re showing up in search results Download music playback program for free.

Tips for success

Here are four ways Simon says you can boost your app store optimization:

  1. Research keywords: Trying to get your app to rank on a high-volume keyword is going to be difficult download budenberg learning software for free. Tools like App Annie helps you do keyword research so you can focus in on keywords that are going to lead to the most installs musik auf macbook herunterladen.
  2. Use keywords strategically: “The two most important factors for choosing the right keywords are to understand what your future users might search for to find your app and what keywords your competition is using / not using”, says Simon herunterladen.
  3. Wow them with visuals: The app’s identity is founded on a great-looking icon, says Simon. Make sure you choose something that helps your app stand out from the crowd. Ditto for screenshots. Go beyond photos of your app to create digital mini-ads that showcase why your app is the best.
  4. Get reviews: The better your reviews, the higher you’ll rank. Focus on both volume (getting lots of them) and quality (making sure people were satisfied with their experience). Listen to feedback and make adjustments to the app accordingly.

With a few small tweaks to how you present your application in the app store, you can deliver a big boost to your mobile marketing efforts.

Mark Brownlee is a Digital Marketing Strategist and a student in the Telfer School of Management’s Digital Marketing Certificate program.

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