Go ahead and celebrate, Redblacks fans – you’ve earned this


Clements.Tom-Ott76-2The Redblacks download rap recording program for free. In the Grey Cup. It’s had a few days to sink in. But it still seems strange, doesn’t it?

It’s not because this team only won two games last year jdownloader 2 for free. It’s not because we are still getting used to the name “Redblacks.” It’s not because some of us still have trouble adjusting to the idea that the Lansdowne redevelopment plan actually happened stellarium for free german.

It’s because it is almost as though we don’t deserve this.

I mean, yeah, the first season was some bad football. Dropped passes galore adobe flash player free download for windows 10 german free. Fumbled snaps. Missed kicks. But that’s the thing – it was only one season. What business do we have being in the final after one bad season downloaden fotos van iphone naar pc?

A lifetime of watching sports has taught me a few things, but chief among them is this: They are most meaningful when they end an extended period of mediocrity bs serien downloaden.

Just ask fans of the Boston Red Sox.

Remember 2004, when the Red Sox put an end to an 86-year championship drought? That mattered because of all the suffering those fans had gone through albellien mac. Due to space limitations I will list only a few of the most stomach-churning examples: Manager Grady Little’s decision to stick with his tiring ace pitcher Pedro Martinez in the eighth inning of the 2003 American League Championship Series, the ball rolling through Bill Buckner’s legs in the 1986 World Series, top prospect Tony Conigliaro taking a pitch on his left cheekbone and never playing the same way again 3cx webmeeting.

These were the blunders that gave definition to the heartbreak of being a Red Sox fan. And they were also what made that win in the World Series so meaningful herunterladen.

One day, I figured the Redblacks would make it to the Grey Cup. One day – as in 20 years from now when I would bore my as-yet-non-existent children with stories of Larry O’Brien and Lansdowne Live and that night in September 2014 when the Redblacks fumbled away a snap on a potentially game-tying drive to further build on their ballooning loss total download itunes apps. That Grey Cup would be rewarding because of all the mediocrity I was forced to experience in the interim.

But the thing is, it hasn’t been just one bad season. This city has suffered its fair share of tumult when it comes to the CFL.

Few will forget Mardi Gras night, when the owners of the Ottawa Renegades actively encouraged young women to bare their breasts in exchange for necklace beads. Come to think of it, few will be able to scrub from their brains the awful memory of that ownership group in its entirety.

Who can forget the fractious debate that led to this franchise in the first place? There were times when it seemed like Lansdowne would spend the rest of its life squandering prime Ottawa real estate under a cloak of outdated pavement, an eyesore that would continue to perplex visitors and frustrate local residents.

And that’s to say nothing of the product that’s been on the field.

Remember the last time an Ottawa CFL team won a Grey Cup? You’re going to have think back farther – it was in 1976.

Remember the last time an Ottawa CFL team won a playoff game? Unlikely. It was in 1982.

Remember the last time Ottawa played in a playoff game? This was at least in a year – 1994 – in which I was actually alive.

It’s been a long road to get here, one that took us through three different franchises, several ownership groups and some seemingly neverending debates at Ottawa city hall. It’s just that the Redblacks have brought us the good times sooner than we expected.

So get together and celebrate Ottawa. And don’t for a second let anyone tell you we don’t belong here.

We earned this.

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