Hello angry motorist – it’s me


Hello. It’s me.

Remember? We crossed paths in the Glebe a few months ago. It was around eight in the morning. No? I was the guy on the bike herunterladen. The one who rolled up to the opposite side of four-way stop from your car. The one who caused you to roll down your window. The one who you called an asshole as I rode past woyzeck.

You may not know it but on that rather crisp morning in October we acted out a drama that exists in this city on a daily basis.

Four wheels versus two windows update 1903 manuell herunterladen. Motorists versus cyclists. Cars versus bikes.

First of all, I want to apologize for everything that I’ve done. That part of the Glebe has a nice, gentle slope, and once you stop it’s difficult to get going again google kalender kostenlos downloaden. But I had no right to blow through that stop sign. It was a four-way stop. And I should have stopped.

At the same time, though, you probably should have showed me your turn signal Download the weekend gif for free. I mean you did do that. Eventually. But by then it was way too late for me to tell what you were doing.

And the thing is, I get why you were mad fußball manager 2014 vollversion kostenlos. A good portion of the cyclists in this city are terribly discourteous to the rules of the road. They blow through stop signs. They don’t pay attention to red lights ps3 spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion. They weave in and out of traffic. They expect to receive the respect of motorists without ever giving it to them in return.

These people are the militant cyclists herunterladen. For them it’s less about getting from point A to point B and more about making a point. They’re tired of transport infrastructure such as roads being built solely for the purpose of cars herunterladen. They see this as a fight between pollution-spewing automobiles and the eco-friendly two wheels on which they ride.

I don’t really see Ottawa’s roads as the battlefield in the never-ending struggle between good and evil playlist herunterladen. I just want to get to where I’m going in the cheapest and fastest way possible. For me, that’s usually on a bike.

I own a car too. I use it sometimes – to get groceries, to transport other people around, to get to far-away places (Kanata). And it’s not as though all my fellow motorists respect the rules of the road at all times. They blow through intersections as yellow lights turn red. Do you lock your wheels at every single four-way stop? Neither do I.

I know you weren’t really mad at me. You were mad at all of us. Everyone on two wheels who disrespects the rules of the road.

Does that give you the right to yell at me? To call me an asshole? I don’t know. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

What I am hoping, though, is that this rather contrived column can be the jumping off point for greater respect between the two of us. I mean we both want the same thing – to get to where we’re going.

So how about this: I’ll start stopping at four-way stops, you start using your turn signal, and the next time we see each other time will have healed whatever animosity there is between us.

Maybe we’ll even wave hello.

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