How breaking news can invigorate your content


News is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to jump onto the front page or explode onto TV screens.

But don’t let the random nature of the news cycle overwhelm you bewerbung muster downloaden. Take advantage of it to boost pageviews, connect with new audiences and market your organization to the right people.

Sounds time consuming herunterladen. Why bother?

Connecting your work to a breaking news event shows your audience that you don’t just toil away at abstract concepts. It says, “here exchange herunterladen. Look! We explained why this was important before everyone started talking about it!”

By creating content around news headlines, you can also help grow your audience herunterladen. People are more inclined to follow along when you’re drawing a straight line between what you have to say and what they are already thinking about.

Say your firm works on cyber security infrastructure schach 3d kostenlos herunterladen. Wouldn’t this be a good time to connect what you do with the ongoing investigations into Russian email hacks that are dominating headlines in the United States apps downloaden niet op iphone x?

Create a blog post that relates the keywords in the news to your company’s expertise. That way, when people search for the keyword on Google, they know you have something important to offer them steam zum herunterladen.

Here’s how you can use breaking news to invigorate your content.

Write a blog post: This may sound simple but it’s a strategy that many organizations choose not to use star wars the old republic kostenlos downloaden. Writing something up quickly that explains how an event in the news underscores your organization’s expertise. It will yield big dividends in clicks, follows and search results bilder herunterladen für whatsapp.

Be agile: Many organizations these days like to throw around the idea of “agile marketing”. But your ability to go from “news breaking” to “post ready for publishing” will give you a good idea of just how agile your organization is herunterladen.

News happens fast. If a week goes by and your content is still languishing on the desk of its fifth editor, you know your commitment to agile doesn’t go much beyond the buzzword.

You should be able to measure your ability to post new content in minutes, not days.

Maintain relevant “evergreen” contentMaintaining pages that set out succinctly why your work is important can pay big dividends. It gives you a template from which to work as you create new content on short notice and can also help boost engagement if someone is drawn in to your website and wants to learn more.

You know you have great content if, when you scan the news, you can already pinpoint how your work is relevant. Use breaking news as a litmus test for how forward-thinking your organization really is.

Make your content search engine optimization friendly: One of the challenges with old content is that contemporary events can eclipse its visibility.

Say your organization is devoted to victims’ rights. You would have lots to say if the federal government introduced a new bill designed to improve the rights of victims.

But without a page connecting what you do to the name of the legislation, people who want to go beyond the news headlines likely won’t find you.

Create a post that forges a direct connection with the new bill. That way, when people punch “C-76” (to take a bill name I just made up at random) into Google, they can find you.

Mark Brownlee is a journalist-turned-content creator, inbound marketer and communicator.

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