How cutting the intravenous sports tube taught me there is no sacred spending


I love sports. And when I say I love sports, I mean I really, really, really love sports.

My schedule gets planned around the Packers, Blue Jays and Arsenal herunterladen. My closet is filled with too many overpriced sports jerseys. My days are spent religiously devouring any sports-related website or podcast I can get my eyes or ears to download mozilla firefox for free.

Sports are my thing. I read about them. I talk about them. And, most importantly, I watch them.

Which is why it was such a huge deal when, last month, to pay for the gargantuan mortgage I had just taken on, I did the unthinkable: I cancelled my TV service bilder kostenlos downloaden happy new year.

Didn’t reduce the number of channels. Didn’t haggle with my TV provider to give me a better deal. Didn’t try to switch companies.

Just…done download all movies.

I knew, as soon as we signed on the dotted line last month for a mortgage in the high- $200,000s, that there would be sacrifices. No vacations amazon prime video auf laptop herunterladen. No new furniture. No major purchases.

But this? This I wasn’t anticipating. I thought that even after I stripped away everything else in my life I would still be able to go home and turn on a baseball game wikipedia completely. I am, after all, a 30-year-old millennial, a group notoriously stubborn about sacrificing spending for the purposes of saving.

I didn’t have to do it herunterladen. The amount I spent on cable per month – a little over $100 – is small when compared to a mortgage in the hundreds of thousands. And there was still money in the budget for it whatsapp backup von drive herunterladen.

But I also knew it was something I just had to do to prove to myself (and my partner) how serious I had become about saving money.

I never used to pay much attention to my finances dj programme downloaden free. My idea of a “budget” was a simple mantra: Try not to waste too much of your money on stuff you don’t need. As a result, new spending got piled on top of new spending coole spiele die man nichten muss. A gym membership got piled on top of magazine subscriptions, the name brand of everything at the grocery store got piled on top of all the latest video games.

At first, when my partner and I first took on the mortgage, I cut back on the smaller items. Coffee from the café near my work. Beer. Eating out.

But far from satiating my need to save, it only made me hungrier. Everywhere I looked I saw a wasted expense, a frill I didn’t need, a weight slowing me down from paying off my mortgage sooner.

I cut and I cut and I cut – until I got to one of the biggest single monthly budget expenses: My TV bill.

For sports fans, TV service is like the intravenous tube carrying medicine to your veins; It is difficult to sustain your sports life without it. And there is no alternative, no Netflix equivalent for live sports. If you want to watch, you have to pay up.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” my partner asked me.

I summoned the strength to nod my head yes. Within an hour I had unplugged the TV unit and returned it to the store.

I had done the unthinkable.

A part of me knows it didn’t have to be this way. If I had only budgeted better, spent less money, planned, I would have enough to sustain this one “frill” in my monthly spending. But I didn’t. And so here I am.

In the meantime, I’ve found other ways to get my sports fix. I can watch some games (legally) online. I also have the option of mooching off of friends and relatives and, anyway, I am still doubtful of my ability to sustain this no-TV thing once football season starts.

But do I regret doing it? Not for a second.

Giving up TV has taught me a lesson more valuable than any baseball, soccer or football game: That even the most sacred spending habits can be sacrificed in the name of saving for something bigger.

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