Hey Packers fans, isn’t it time we all settled down?


MVP trophies. Year-after-year of winning records. A Super Bowl.

Haven’t Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers earned the benefit of the doubt?

I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been here before. A big loss. The offense sputtering. The defense underperforming.

It happened in 2012, when the Packers surrendered a huge halftime lead in Indianopolis to go to 2-3 herunterladen. It happened in 2013, when the Packers lost to the Bengals to go 1-2. It happened in 2014, when the Packers could only muster seven points on their way to a loss in Detroit and a third-straight 1-2 start.

The result? Each time the Packers came back and rattled off some big wins. In 2012 it was the shellacking of Houston on the road stamp seam. In 2013 they won four straight, a streak that only came to an end with Rodgers’ collarbone injury in Chicago. In 2014 they rattled off four straight wins then, after a brief setback in New Orleans, laid waste to the NFC North on the way to another five-game win streak download xmind for free.

So perhaps it’s time to dial down some of the concern surrounding the loss in Denver. Yes, they lost. Badly. On both sides of the ball. The passing game, so long the hallmark of this team, was anemic. Eddie Lacy can barely run. The secondary couldn’t stop an enfeebled Peyton Manning.

So what?

Remember last year? The 1-2 start lieder von google play auf handy herunterladen? R-E-L-A-X? The Packers came out in Chicago and shredded the Bears defense. I am pretty sure that on the opening series they didn’t even run the ball once. Instead it was Rodgers throwing for first downs, over and over again top 100 download kostenlos. It was a thing of beauty. But it was also a statement. It’s almost as though McCarthy was announcing to the league “We’re a passing football team. Try to take it away from us.” And they couldn’t. Nobody could.

One of the great things about the NFL is how much each week means. You lose a game in baseball gmail mehrere anhänge herunterladen? No matter. There are 161 more to come. A hockey game? Nobody wanted to watch Blue Jackets versus Devils in the middle of February anyways. But in football the condensed schedule magnifies everything. Losing even one game can be a big blow to your playoff hopes. Losing a game to another contender is a litmus test of how well you’re going to perform in the playoffs herunterladen. It what makes every snap so important and, ultimately, the game so great. It’s also what gives you so much time to analyze every single loss.

I get it. We can’t just all sit around on our hands and wait for the Packers to turn the corner. We all have to come up with some sort of explanation for what’s gone wrong bluetooth driver for free. Maybe it’s the talent. Maybe it’s Rodgers not taking enough risks kostenlos gba spiele downloaden. Maybe it’s (still) Dom Capers. And I’m sure that all of these have some truth to them.

But none of this changes one essential fact: The Packers are an elite team in the National Football League. And guess what? There’s another game coming on Sunday bookworm kostenlos downloaden deutsch.

So let’s have a little faith, OK? We’ve been here before.

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