Stop reading financial advice


A few years ago Scotiabank ran a commercial featuring a 20-something guy who wanted to take his father on a road trip wetransfer bilder herunterladen. The problem? He didn’t think he could afford it.

Cut to the guy’s Scotiabank advisor. She stares at her computer screen, clicks her mouse a few times and – poof word schriftarten download kostenlos! – thanks to her fancy financial footwork, he’s got enough money to go on a road trip!

Many people wouldn’t admit it, but this is how we approach personal finance amazon ebook usb herunterladen. We bury ourselves in a mound of online advice in the hopes that, if we’re well-enough informed, we’ll find the special trick that will help save us the money we need to live lavish lifestyles ebooks downloaden op ipad.

The reality is far, far different.

I’ve been there, doing verbal gymnastics on my personal finances netflix serien downloaden kostenlos. None of it mattered. What I really needed was to change – on a pretty fundamental level.

The internet – a black hole of personal finance advice – actually offers some pretty sound recommendations: set a budget, make automatic contributions to a savings account and pay all your bills on time aktuelle kinofilme illegal downloaden. And don’t get me wrong, those things will help.

But financial advice will only help you with about five per cent of your money troubles outlook adressbuch downloaden. The other 95 per cent is actually really simple. You just need to spend less.

So here’s my “advice”: Change your lifestyle internet explorer kostenlos downloaden für windows xp. Change your mentality. Don’t keep waiting for the magic bullet. You don’t “deserve” what you are buying. You either can afford it. Or you can’t Download silvester video for free 2020.

Once you stop walking into that coffee shop on Monday morning you will save money. Once you put the time and effort into making your lunch at home and taking it to work you will save money teams hintergründe herunterladen. Once you start checking books out of the library rather than going to Chapters you will save money. Once you stop going out to eat at restaurants you will save money.

Until then, your expenses will continue to exceed your income and you will continue to wrack up credit card debt.

You will not be saved.

But a fundamental change to your lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to go off the deep end either. So much personal finance advice lives at the extremes. For instance, this guy, who moved into the basement of his house and ate Kraft Dinner for nearly every meal so he could pay off his mortgage in three years.

Most of us don’t need to do that. We just need to spend less.

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