Why the news media should stop reporting on Trump’s most egregious lies


The president-elect of the United States is stretching the tension between the news media’s responsibility to report the truth with its obligation to inform citizens about their political leaders to the breaking point.

This week he made yet another obviously false, easily refuted claim about the election results from the Nov download autocad trial version. 8 vote (I won’t repeat it here for giving further validity to a statement that has none).

The statement hijacked the news cycle for several days. Hours of TV and columns of newspaper coverage went towards discussing a social media post that was likely composed in seconds. A discussion from columnists rendering their “analysis” gave the issue new life for days afterwards autobahn polizei simulator 2 free.

Here’s a radical idea. What if, the next time the president-elect said something controversial and incorrect, the media simply opted not to report it?

This would go against nearly every instinct the news media has honed. But, for a politician the likes of whom they have never before encountered, it may be entirely necessary curse of the Caribbean.

The news media has, for the most part, yet to wrap its head around the president-elect. They continue to report on him as though he is a “normal” politician, when in fact he is anything but.

“Normal” politicians don’t lie outright as often as the stereotype suggests Download books on tablet. More frequently they “take liberties with the truth” by spinning a particular set of facts to suit their purposes. For a long time conventional wisdom has held that politicians, to maintain credibility, at least need to cloak their spin by using statements that could on some level, when looked at from a certain angle, be considered true.

The president-elect has no such scruples. He regularly makes statements that are not only false, but so patently false that any 10th grader with access to an internet connection would know are easily disprovable download twitter photos.

The news media has yet to adjust. Why? Because the journalistic principles on which they have relied for centuries are now failing them.

Journalists report on statements political leaders make for a number of reasons. Firstly, they feel an obligation to report to their audience what the people who govern them are saying start to run mp3 gratis downloaden. Secondly, obviously false statements from a president-elect are a source of controversy, which is the media’s bread and butter.

But by repeating obviously false claims — even with the “wrong” and “false” attachments in headlines — they are doing a disservice to the citizens whom they are duty-bound to inform.

The problem is not so much that they aren’t reporting the “truth”. It’s that they’re helping to obscure and obviate other issues — immigration springs to mind, or, say, the economy — to which citizens should be devoting their attention Download whatsapp how long does it take.

Reporting the truth in journalism requires a healthy dose of perspective. Indeed it is likely the most sacred obligation that the news media holds. Confirming and reporting on individual facts is, of course, a bedrock of good journalism. But it is not enough. A newspaper filled with random factoids would be of no use to anyone kostenlos schriftarten herunterladen. Quality journalism requires accentuating the issues that truly matter, day in and day out, so that the “truth” emerges on a long-term basis.

The old aphorism holds true here: The news media doesn’t tell us what to think, but what to think about.

Some might say they have a duty to inform citizens that something their elected official tells them is obviously false deutsche christliche lieder kostenlos herunterladen. Perhaps, but surely playing an ongoing game of whack-a-mole with the president-elect’s penchant for lying will ultimately leave audiences uninformed about the issues that really matter.

By making a federal case out of every false statement that comes out of his mouth (or, in this case, Twitter feed) the news media is devoting important journalistic real estate that would otherwise best be spent elsewhere Music youtube mac.

Whether the president-elect’s penchant for lying is a brilliant media strategy or a sociopathic personality indulgence is unclear. What is clear, though, is that the news media is going to have to change how they cover him.

This is a politician for whom, one stunning victory after another, they continue to be woefully unprepared.

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