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How breaking news can invigorate your content

News is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to jump onto the front page or explode onto TV screens. But don’t let the random nature of the news cycle overwhelm you bewerbung muster downloaden. Take advantage of it to boost pageviews, connect with new audiences and market your organization to the right people. Sounds time consuming herunterladen. Why bother? Connecting … Read More

How to go from journalist to content marketer (in five easy steps!)

To many journalists, the notion of “content” and “content marketing” is likely strange and confusing. Journalists don’t create “content”. They write articles, produce stories and edit newspapers. But the journey from “journalist” to “content marketer” is not as far as you might think download for free against the time games german. Here’s how you can make the transition. Why content … Read More

The closer in baseball and tearing down the false idols of the work world

How many closers do you have in your life? You know what I mean. The habits, tendencies and behaviours that we continue to plod ahead with not because they are smart or efficient or a good use of resources but simply because that’s how they’ve always been done. Why do I call them closers? It comes from one of the … Read More

March 2017 IABC Ottawa membership profile: Meet Eileen McKeever

schnapps for free Internal communications is an often-overlooked part of the communications world herunterladen. But it’s an integral part of many companies’ success. Find out from Eileen McKeever, NAV CANADA’s Manager of Internal Communications, why she loves internal communications in our March 2017 IABC Ottawa membership profile download m2bob.

The NFL draft and the power of knowing what you don’t know

The NFL draft is an annual endeavour of herculean proportions. Armies of scouts fan out to college campuses across America in search of star prospects. Front offices work days, nights and weekends updating their draft boards. Hundreds of media members and amateur draftniks pour over video tape of college players age of empire für mac kostenlosen. It’s the most important … Read More

Stop reading financial advice

A few years ago Scotiabank ran a commercial featuring a 20-something guy who wanted to take his father on a road trip wetransfer bilder herunterladen. The problem? He didn’t think he could afford it. Cut to the guy’s Scotiabank advisor. She stares at her computer screen, clicks her mouse a few times and – poof word schriftarten download kostenlos! – … Read More

February IABC Ottawa member profile: Meet Colleen Gareau

postident-coupon herunterladen telekom IABC Ottawa member Colleen Gareau, after a career spanning several decades, is starting her own communications firm netflix lässt sich nicht downloaden. Click here to find out why in our monthly membership profile for February 2017 itunes ipad.

The best books I read in 2016

Looking for a book to read over the holidays? Look no further! Here are 10 books I would strongly recommend, based on what I read over the past 12 months amazon prime filme downloaden auf laptop. Note: These are the books that were new to me in 2016. Some (actually, most) were released previously herunterladen. Anyways, enjoy! Commonwealth, by Ann … Read More

Why the news media should stop reporting on Trump’s most egregious lies

The president-elect of the United States is stretching the tension between the news media’s responsibility to report the truth with its obligation to inform citizens about their political leaders to the breaking point. This week he made yet another obviously false, easily refuted claim about the election results from the Nov download autocad trial version. 8 vote (I won’t repeat … Read More

Annual Major’s Hill Park closing shows feds’ indifference to Ottawa residents

Note: The park is scheduled to re-open tomorrow, but the impact of the annual closure remains. Besides, you can bet on it being closed again next year despacito herunterladen. Major’s Hill Park is an Ottawa gem. It offers lush grass. Great views of Parliament Hill. Lots of places to eat lunch while you look over the Ottawa River windows media player … Read More