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You don’t own your story, so you’d better get on with telling it

Who owns your story? If you went with the obvious answer – you – then you would be wrong. It doesn’t matter if your story is tied up in a business you started from scratch, a 100-metre dash for which you spent a lifetime training or an attempt to get more people to export: You do not own your own … Read More

How cutting the intravenous sports tube taught me there is no sacred spending

I love sports. And when I say I love sports, I mean I really, really, really love sports. My schedule gets planned around the Packers, Blue Jays and Arsenal herunterladen. My closet is filled with too many overpriced sports jerseys. My days are spent religiously devouring any sports-related website or podcast I can get my eyes or ears to download … Read More

Mark Brownlee recommends: January 2016

Going for two: After another excruciating playoff loss for the Green Bay Packers, I really hope Mike McCarthy will read this musik kostenlos downloaden iphone. BBC’s A History of Scotland: Worth watching for the natural scenery alone. Purity, by Jonathan Franzen: Don’t believe the silly reviews (like this one) automatically download whatsapp uit. This is a great book. Star Wars: … Read More

The best books I read in 2015

Looking for something to read in 2016? I’d highly recommend these, presented in no particular order. Note: These books didn’t necessarily come out in 2015 download respawnables. I just read them in the past 12 months. If you’d like to see my complete reading list from the past year, check out my Goodreads page windows 8.1 taalpakket. The Bone Clocks, … Read More

What Alex Anthopoulos’ split with the Blue Jays can teach companies about millennial employees

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Hello angry motorist – it’s me

Hello. It’s me. Remember? We crossed paths in the Glebe a few months ago. It was around eight in the morning. No? I was the guy on the bike herunterladen. The one who rolled up to the opposite side of four-way stop from your car. The one who caused you to roll down your window. The one who you called … Read More

Mark Brownlee recommends: November 2015

Grantland is no longer alive so my stunning lack of originality with this feature is now less evident than ever. Hooray! Grantland: RIP Grantland cursor kostenlos downloaden. Long live…Stephen A trello app downloaden. Smith? Ugh. Casino Royale, Skyfall: As it turns out, making a good James Bond movie is hard – a fact of which I was reminded this month … Read More

Go ahead and celebrate, Redblacks fans – you’ve earned this

The Redblacks download rap recording program for free. In the Grey Cup. It’s had a few days to sink in. But it still seems strange, doesn’t it? It’s not because this team only won two games last year jdownloader 2 for free. It’s not because we are still getting used to the name “Redblacks.” It’s not because some of us … Read More

Hey Packers fans, isn’t it time we all settled down?

MVP trophies. Year-after-year of winning records. A Super Bowl. Haven’t Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers earned the benefit of the doubt? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t been here before. A big loss. The offense sputtering. The defense underperforming. It happened in 2012, when the Packers surrendered a huge halftime lead in Indianopolis to go to 2-3 herunterladen. It … Read More

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